Creative collaborations – A selection of current and recent work

Compass – artist development

Founded by Lois Taylor and Gemma Kempthorne director of Rosehip Barn.

Our Compass sessions offer an opportunity in southeast Cornwall for artists to connect and grow their creative practice. Regular artist development sessions focus on improvisation and collaboration.

“another amazing session drawing attention to being in the moment, connecting with our inner and outer bodies worlds and inside and inside and outside the beautiful barn” Janice – dance artist.

Image: Lois Taylor and Gemma Kempthorne Compass performance Rosehip Barn

Compass began as a collaboration between myself, Gemma and the Terre Verte Gallery in the form of a danced response to an exhibition by artists concerned with climate change and species extinction, co-curated by Phil Barton and Richard Sharland and timed to coincide with the COP26 Climate Change conference in Glasgow in November 2021.


“I can’t tell you how honoured I felt by your thoughtful and dynamic response to my work, and that of the other artists who exhibited in the Last Chance Saloon. Sculpture and painting translated into dance is a revelation. I went home from the wonderful Rosehip Barn absolutely fizzing with excitement at the thought of future collaborations.”

Exhibiting artist

THE NET Performed February 2023

I was invited to be part of the development of this work by Venezuelan dance artist and choreographer Gocha Mendible.

The Net promotes new awareness and appreciation of the marvellous world of our nervous systems, the codification of stimulus via sensorial organs and their transformation into messages that connect us with our external world.

This incredible system of messaging and its sophisticated operations of circular and cyclic actions and reactions within our bodies can be seen as an analogy of the invisible net that interconnects us with everything in nature.

Image Lois Taylor and Gocha Mendible
Direction: Gocha (Maria Mendible)
Performed by: Lois Taylor and Gocha Mendible
Photography and lightening: Luisa Gonzalez

 “A delight to watch – Something in your piece stirs the magic in the world”

Audience member

Parachute 2023

Early research and playful explorations with artist Nicky Harwood for an interactive performance happening.

Shallal Dance Theatre

I have had the joy of facilitating this weekly inclusive improvisation sessions in which the ideas of the group are explored for 5 years and we are looking forward to the future.

Ash Arts performed January 2023

Carolyn Hulme and Paul May with the South West Dance All Stars led by Angus Balbernie

I have connected with dance artist Angus Balnernie over many years to play and explore. In January 2023, she was invited to work alongside a selected group of experienced movement improvisers as part of a continuing relationship. Curated by Angus Balbernie, Carolyn Hulme and Paul May, the group performed in a collaboration of improvised music and movement.

Image curtesy of Angus Balbernie

Distant Dances June 2023

Curated by Kyra Norman working with a selected collective of dance artists

Part One Another – What if life is what happens in the space between us? A series of solos that intersect, contradict, overlap and coexist. With original recorded music.

Part Two Tending – Move, or be inclined to move A group dance emerging from the familiar/ unfamiliar, soothing/ unsettling, sublime/ridiculous experience of being a human amongst humans, in these continually testing times: a celebration of our differences and our pack animal instincts. A collaboration with composer Barnaby Taylor

Part Three Distant Dances Disco  For all bodies that like to move, an all-join-in somatic disco

Venue: Acorn Penzance

Dancers: Lois Taylor Angus Balbernie Winnie Guy Polly Motley Kyra Norman Harry Scott

Kuldip Singh Barmi Claud Tonietto Olivia Walton

Crescendo performed June 2022

A new work “Crescendo” choreographed by Lois Taylor.

An evening of contemporary dance to celebrate the peak of summer, held in the amazing space of Sterts Theatre and curated by Dance Centred. Guest artists including Gotcha Maria Mendible and Sapphire Sumpter created a rich mix of dance, live music and performance.


“Crescendo spins and spirals across the stage, delving deep to delight the senses”

Audience member

Choreography: Lois Taylor
Performers: Jake Taylor-Bruce, Sally Robbins, Sam Lawrence, Sapphire Sumpter, Huck, Gocha Medibles
Sound and lighting Stewart Every

Dance Centred

I had the privilege of working alongside Sam Lawrence as co-director of Dance Centred CIC. Our work together and collaborations with other artists and community and health partnerships has built a strong track record for deeply creative community practice that shares the transformative power of dance.

For more information about our work

Dancers Sam Lawrence, Lois Taylor, Sapphire Sumpter, Suryan Hall, George Donaghy and Huck New

Past  – A selection of works Lois has produced and collaborated on

Trevor Bell Trans-Form 2018

Dance artist Sarah Fairhall and I were commissioned work to create new work in response to the beautiful artwork of Trevor Bell which was shared at The House Plymouth

Paintings by Trevor Bell
Sound Score by Jamie Mills
Dance by Sarah Fairhall & Lois Taylor
Filmed by Alban Roinard & Cameron Clarke
Conceived, Directed & Edited by Joseph Clarke 

Trevor Bell Trans – Form

Dark Skies Bright Stars Performed 2018

I was invited as dance choreographer and coordinator for this exciting project produced by Mayes Creative. Scientists, astronomers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and designers were brought together to help articulate and reveal the creative energy of the universe in a unique and wonderful event at Sterts

The creation of groundbreaking new work was sparked using data from cosmic rays, which were generated by events taking place deep in space. Supported by ACE, FEAST and Heritage Lottery Fund.

Physical Postcards Performed 2015-17

In 2015 myself and dance artists Sarah Fairhall and Gemma Kempthorne were awarded funding from Arts Council England to deliver a yearlong project exploring the making and sending of dance messages – short, like a postcard, only one minute long. Film showcase and performance events were held in rural venues in October and November 2016 and in collaboration with The Hall for Cornwall and Newlyn Gallery in 2017.



With innovation funding from Sport England, the postcard idea was developed by Lois Taylor and Sam Lawrence co directors of Dance Centred into postal dance project for those isolated at home.  Initially a response to lockdown, this successful project has reached over 2500 people and a new set of Physical Postcards is being developed for Autumn 2023 in partnership with Active Cornwall.

Funded by Arts Council England

Sam and Lois are returning to the roots of the project with danced messages in a new performance work for spoken word events in spring 2024.

The Bed

A challenging work that  evolved from a live art event at The Newlyn Gallery to a film, to an all-night performance toured to Dartington, Laban, Dusseldorf, Athens, Bristol and Taunton

Choreographer/artistic director Angela Praed
Dancers Lois Taylor and Rob Mennear
Sound Score Angus Balbernie.

“Not a dance performance it is more a choreographic installation beautifully performed by dancers who are not just dancing they are giving us something”
Kate Phillips, Dancing Times

“Eerie but serene, beautiful but scarily thrilling”
Naomi Tolley, Herald/Express

Rooftops 2010

Dance installation by Angela Praed on the Rooftops of Truro.

Dancers Lois Taylor and Noel Perkins