Lois founded Attik Dance, is founder and co-director of Dance Centred and has lectured at Plymouth University and Falmouth University.  She is an established mentor for dance artists, contributing to the development of dance in Cornwall and the Southwest.

Her work is described as “ building a bridge for people with your approach to the arts together with your love of life and sense of humour”

Artist Statement

By tapping into the deep knowledge and experience of the body, dance can bring great joy and profound experiences. As a creative artist, I find pleasure in facilitating myself and others to find our unique response and expression in relation to space, context, ideas and each other. My work focuses on a freedom of play and facilitating risk-taking in a supportive environment. Living in Cornwall I enjoy opening the boundaries of who can dance, choreograph, research, and where dance takes place.

“A mature and consummate performer who is open to the most challenging of settings and processes. Lois brings a rare openness and honesty to the work. She grounds herself in authenticity and is thus able to perform with an absorbing presence, steeped in the knowledge of her art form. An empathetic and subtle performer who reads a context with clarity and precision.”

Angela Praed


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